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  1. Modern Girl

From the recording ADULT CONTEMPORARY


Modern Girl
(S.Ray/D.Effren) © 2019

Verse I
F: Coming home from my best friend's day
F: Still holding onto that bouquet
F: Petals drift as you hit the gas
F: Life is spinning way too fast

F: Today’s the day it just hit me
F: You're never gonna marry me
F: Call me old fashioned, but this heart bleeds
F ‘Cause I'm not that modern girl you need

Verse II
M: Wasn't it a beautiful day
M: Held your shoes as we danced the night away
M: Pease can we just leave this alone
M: we have a house
F: but I want a home

M: Baby I never lied to you
M: I’m not the guy who says I do
M: Can’t make that promise but my heart bleeds
M: Wish you were that modern girl for me

M: Your life is a story book
M: My past is a broken story
F: Meeting you my world shook
F: But playing house ain't for me

W: Why am I so insecure
M: Was a time when I felt so sure
M: I'm never gonna walk away
W: And it's not about a wedding day

W/M: I'll never forget you and don't you forget me too
W/M: I hope you can forgive me
M: Wish you were that modern girl for me
F: I'm not that modern girl you need

Copyright © Dale Effren 2019