From the recording COUNTRY


Music and Lyrics by Neil Stallings and Dale Effren © 2017

Baby’s catchin’ up on her readin”
Gonna give it everything she’s got
Learnin’ lots of new ways of lovin’
Kickin’ up the heat a notch

Last night she pulled out some handcuffs
And some toys I’d never seen before
With a look that would have scared the devil
She locked down the bedroom door

I said wait a minute baby
Before it gets too crazy
I believe I got a better idea

Let’s sneak off to the barn
Where it’s nice and warm
Maybe for an hour or two
You can do what you like
I won’t put up a fight
Just don’t bite off more than you can chew

The time is right
As black and white
I ain’t talkin’ bout’ no shades of gray
I’ll show you what a hard lovin’ man can do
On fifty grades of hay

You can tie me up, tie me down
Spank me on the bottom, I won’t make a sound
Ain’t nothin’ this old cowboy will refuse to do
I won’t never say never when I’m lovin’ you

If its truth or dare, I don’t care
I’ll play any game you want to play
But it can’t hold a candle
To the thrill of the ride
On fifty grades of hay
I’m always ready to rock
When you’re ready to roll
On fifty grades of hay
C’mon over here baby
Bring that bridle with you
Let’s do it country style