From the recording COUNTRY POP


Words and Music by
Charlie Midnight, Buck Johnson & Dale Effren © 2017
Nothing goes as easy as you plan
Something needs explaining
Sometimes hope can be as dry as sand
Suddenly it's raining

Try to mend a heart that breaks
You and I make our mistakes
Stumble, fall and rise again
Every loss becomes a win
We've been living under lucky stars
Some days never knowin ' where we are
Runnnin' on an empty tank
'Til we've gone far

We've been looking up to heaven above
Given praise for all our days of love
Countin' all our scars
Catchin' lightin' in jars
Livin' under lucky stars
Yesterday they turned off all our lights
So we slept beside a candle
Heard you say, "it's just one of those nights
It's nothing we can't handle"

There's a comfort that I take
In your arms I lie awake
Feel the light inside of you
As the moon comes shining through
Chorus Repeat:
All that you give me is more than I ask
Bad signs and hard times and dark clouds will pass
Chorus Repeat: