From the recording COUNTRY POP


Hold Back The Rain
(C.Midnight/D.Effren) © 2017
Standin’ by an old pay phone
The raindrops chill me to the bone
Waitin’ here for you to call
It rings but no one’s there at all
There’s no way to stop it
There’s nothing to explain
I keep shouting at heaven
To hold back the rain
Hold back the rain Chorus
Hold back the rain
Someone stop the coming storm
And keep this love from moving on
Won’t somebody to take away the pain
And hold back the rain
Verse II
Walkin’ hard against the wind
It feels like razors on my skin
Headin’ for our rendezvous
We meet but, no, it isn’t you
Pre-Chorus II
I can’t win for losing
But it’s crazy to complain
Heaven does what heaven wants
But I keep shouting out in vain
*Repeat Chorus
Every time that the sky grows dark Bridge
I feel it in my blood
Heartache breaks like a hurricane
Then comes the flood
I need someone to rescue me
And there’s nothing I can do
That’s how it feels if I’m losing you
So won't you
*Repeat Chorus